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BBC2 Stargazing Live, Thursday 10 January 2013

The Youth Advisors had the opportunity to volunteer at a big National Maritime Museum event, Stargazing Live. The event ties in with the BBC2 programme, giving visitors the chance to explore what astronauts do, learn about the planets and take part in fun activities. Over 1000 visitors attended and Youth Advisors Charlotte, Thu, Davina, Shezara, Terri and Callum took part.

Youth Advisor, Terri, shares what we got up to…

10thJanuary was the BBC 2 stargazing,  this was a great project to be a part of. We were partnered with the Classroom Medics. We learnt what its like for a astronaut to train and to complete tests, there was a hand strength test & heart test. This is was all great fun and a great pleasure to be part off we enjoyed working with Sarah and Tom in the Classroom Medics.


However, we did get to go off and explore what was happening around the museum,  for example we did visit the Hydration Station and with this we learnt how astronauts go to the toilet while they’re on the moon, did you know they use nappies?  Another bit we did visit was the face painting station, a couple of us got our faces done, (as you can see below in the pictures) Overall this was a great night to be a part off and I’m glad I took part. 

We helped out Classroom Medics, learning the kinds of tests astronauts would have to do to be medically fit, including testing strength, heart rate and peripheral vision.

Classroom Medic’s Sarah, showing the Youth Advisors how to use the BATAK wall to test your peripheral vision
Charlotte learning about double vision, which can affect astronauts