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International Slavery Remembrance Day, Saturday 23 August 2014

On Saturday, eleven Youth Advisors supported the Museum’s annual International Slavery Remembrance Day commemorations. We supported workshops, including an object handling session ran by artist Jean Campbell, and we also got to go to lots of activities, including a lecture about Africans in Tudor Britain by Onyeka, a gallery tour of The Atlantic: Slavery, Trade, Empire led by Formal Learning Officer Lucie Trottman and a tour of Traders led by historian S.I. Martin. After the Songs of Freedom singing workshop, led by Ethnovox, we attended the Closing Ceremony by the Thames.

‘We did a tour of the Atlantic Gallery with Lucie. It was really awesome. It was very audience involved’, Isobel

‘I learnt that there was a really big manila that was worth someone’s life, so you could buy someone with that one piece of jewellery’, Shezara

Youth Advisors by the River

Youth Advisors by the River

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