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Meet the Youth Advisors: Eseoghene

Name: Eseoghene Olivia Owho
Age: 16
How long have you been a Youth Advisor for?
2 years 
Your highlight as a Youth Advisor?
Best thing was constructing the exhibition at the compass lounge (the photo shoot was awesome!)
Describe the Youth Advisory Group in 3 words:
Exciting, informative and awesome                                                
Favourite thing about National Maritime Museum:
Ese photographed by the artist, Maisie Maud Broadhead, for Traders Remixed
Why should other people join the Youth Advisory Group?
I  think you guys should join because you get to meet people like ME!! and gain more skills      
What do you want to do in the future and is being a Youth Advisor helping you get there?
Iwant to be a dentist , and youth advisory is definitely helping because I’m more sociable now and it would help me when dealing with my clients in future