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Afternoon Tea with HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, 28 May 2013

The Youth Advisors were invited to afternoon tea on board the Cutty Sark to celebrate HRH The Duke of Edinburgh as patron for 60 years. Terri shares her experience…

At the party we met a few wonderful people; we were honoured to be invited to the party. It was an honour to also get to meet prince Philip he did in fact talk to some of the Youth Advisory Group, such as myself in the prince’s very own words he said “Who do we advise” and in return I said “We Advise young people for the Museum”

It was a great honour to be invited to the party and to get to meet Prince Phillip we would like to thank the Prince for visiting the Cutty Sark, and also thanks to Christopher Gray for  being invited to the party.

The Duke with Youth Advisors
Shauna with the Youth Advisors

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