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Youth Advisors’ Visit to Ansel Adams Exhibition

For their Silver Arts Award, the Youth Advisors visited the National Maritime Museum’s Ansel Adams exhibition: Photography From the Mountains to the Sea. They wrote reviews of the exhibition and photographs they saw, which are shared below…

Youth Advisors at Ansel Adams: Photography From the Mountains to the Sea
Henry Bartlett
The Ansel Adams exhibition was a pleasant display of Ansel’s best work, featuring his most mass scaled work of nature and water and landscapes.
Adam’s B/W photography captures extraordinary details using water to make a brilliant effect as can be seen in the visually impressive ‘mirror lake’ which can really show the magnitude of nature and in turn the world.
The amount of breath taking work placed in one area really makes the exhibition a must see. However, I felt that some of his work was a little obscure sometimes.
Bethanie Tokenge
My favourite artwork in the exhibition is the Sundown in the Pacific, Carmel Highlands, 1946. One fact about this artwork is it is the Center Photography, University of Arizona. What I liked about it most was its simplicity. It showcased a peaceful happiness and silent environment. I would like to find out why this picture was taken and what was the photographer thinking at the time. There’s nothing I don’t like about this artwork. I would definitely recommend visiting this exhibition because the images portray a view most people wouldn’t see/experience everyday. The images are unique and beautiful. The simplicity of the artwork I like, indicates something beautiful, doesn’t need to be shocking. Its simplicity also reflects the mood you have in the exhibition – calm and relaxed. Continue reading

Youth Advisory Group Meeting, Sunday 03 February 2013

Youth Advisor Nicole shares what we got upto in today’s meeting…

‘To begin with we introduced ourselves for those who weren’t already familiar with each other and then played a game. Then we went to see the Ansel Adams exhibition and had to make notes on what exactly we thought of his photographs. Then we had to write a review of the exhibition and what we liked about it.

Going to see the Ansel Adams exhibition and observing his various photographs was the best part of today. They were really good.’

The Ansel Adams exhibition is on at National Maritime Museum until 28 April, showcasing a host of his photographs from the Mountains to the Sea. The Youth Advisors wrote reviews of the exhibiton, which will be shared on here. They are starting a Silver Arts Award which will run until October, learning creative skills and becoming arts leaders to run a summer school for other young people.

Our next workshop will be on Tuesday 19 February, when the Youth Advisors get to meet the Museum – visiting different departments, afternoon tea with the Director and learning more about National Maritime Museum behind the scenes

Youth Advisors visiting Ansel Adams exhibition

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