YAG Recruitment Day, Saturday 19 October 2013

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YAG Recruitment Day, Saturday 19 October 2013

In our last meeting, the Youth Advisors welcomed new people to join the Group. We started the day by decorating the Briefing Space to make it more welcoming, and set up the Group Space for games.

Youth Advisors
Isobel with the amazingly decorated background in the Briefing Space

We welcomed people interested in joining the YAG and then Satpal and Isobel shared their experiences with them.


We then went to explore the Museum, chatting about Yinka Shonibare’s Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle to generate questions for our next project together. Our questions included:

  • How can we share cultures?
  • What were Nelson’s values and beliefs?
  • Is it better to remain ignorant?
  • What defines culture/heritage?
  • How did that ship get in the bottle?
  • How have certain cultures changed the world? Was it for the better?
  • Was the slave trade and wars worth all the fuss and fighting?

We then went to visit the new Re:Think space and meet with Maria Amidu, the artist we’re working with on our upcoming projects


The day ended with a behind the scenes look at the new Nelson, Navy, Nation gallery, due to open on Monday 21 October (Trafalgar Day)


Thank you to the Youth Advisors for sharing their experiences and ideas and thank you to all the new people that have joined the Youth Advisory Group – we’re really pleased to welcome you and look forward to getting started on our next project in October half term.

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