Youth Advisors and Summer School Students

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Youth Advisors and Summer School Students

During August summer holidays, National Maritime Museum welcomed 17 young people to take part in Threads Summer School, a seven day programme inspired by African textiles and Yinka Shonibare’s Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle. They signed up through Futureversity and took part in creative and skills based workshops, from bookmaking to object handling, meeting curators and visiting exhibitions, researching artists, writers and musicians they love and leading a workshop to share skills they had learnt.


On the second day of the course, Tuesday 13 August 2013, the Youth Advisors ran their first creative workshop, teaching how to make Dutch Wax and Adinkra inspired fabrics. They ran the warmup activity too – of course it was The Great Wind blows…


One half of the Youth Advisors (Jennifer, Yasmine, Tina, Fatim and Isobel) taught a Dutch Wax workshop:

The other half of the Youth Advisors (Terri, Tianna, Bethanie and Davina) taught the Adinkra workshop:
The Youth Advisors were amazing and the work that their students produced was very impressive. Next workshop: International Slavery Remembrance Day!

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