Youth Advisory Group Meeting, Sunday 18 November 2012

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Youth Advisory Group Meeting, Sunday 18 November 2012

Youth Advisors Tianna, Frances and Mercedes share what we did in this meeting…

‘We played a new game, which was relaxing and broke the ice. We brainstormed many questions for our Takeover Day survey and made a shortlist of ten. We decided roles for the Takeover Day.

The Youth Advisors sharing ideas

We worked with Yara and Shauna and also practised asking our questions with Graham, a National Maritime Museum Visitor Experience member of staff.  It was good to see Graham completing the survey, as the responses and the thought process during the survey was very interesting’

Yara and Frances asking for people’s ideas to share

We worked with artist, Yara El-Sherbini, again and finalised the idea to create a questionnaire for visitors to take part in on Takeover Day. The questions were unexpected to see what their reaction would be. Questions ranged from ‘Would you join the Navy?’ to ‘Would you trust a teenager more in a unitard than a hoodie?’

Clemmie sharing her ideas

Everyone has roles for Takeover Day, including Project Managers (Terri and Callum), Front of House, Documenters, Hosts and Interviewers. Takeover Day will take place on 24 November, 13-15:00 at National Maritime Museum


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