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Takeover Day

We just had our Takeover Event and the Youth Advisors were amazing!


Getting ready!

The Youth Advisory Group has been working with artist Yara El-Sherbini to create a playful intervention in the Museum for Takeover Day. This is a national event ran by Kids in Museums and is our first year taking part. The Youth Advisors developed a series of questions about trust and young people that they want to ask Museum visitors in a questionnaire style.

Project Managers Callum and Terri giving a team brief

Youth Advisor, Nicole, shares the day…

‘We firstly went over the plans for the event and listed the roles of each individual and what exactly they would be doing for Takeover Day. Then we took over the Compass Lounge and asked members of the public to answer a questionnaire with a Youth Advisory Group member for them to be in with the chance to win an Ansel Adams catalogue and two tickets’

The Youth Advisors at the end of Takeover Day

The best part of the day was meeting and greeting new people who attended the day. Interacting with new people was the best part! I enjoyed the way people would respond to the questions being asked and looking at people taking part; they seemed really happy’

Youth Advisors with their Takeover Day certificates

Youth Advisor, Isobel, shares what she enjoyed…

‘I enjoyed talking to members of the public and learning their opinions. I learnt how to properly interview someone and felt comfortable talking to people’

Abs and Isobel, two of our Interviewers
Youth Advisor, Abigail, shares the things she enjoyed the most…
‘Being able to talk to a variety of people and learn about their viewpoints. I enjoyed seeing people’s reactions to the questions and talking about important topics’
Abigail interviewing
Youth Advisor, Terri, shares what she enjoyed…
‘I enjoyed being part of the Takeover Day and being able to take charge by being a host’
Terri, Project Manager and Host
Here is our photo gallery: 
Jennifer, Fatim, Bethanie and Davina – our Documenters!
Bryn and Henry, our Interviewers
Nicole and Mercedes, Front of House with Callum, Project Manager and Host
Greeting a visitor
Asking visitors to take part in the competition
Terri with the winner of our first prize draw
Callum and the Youth Advisors with the winner of our second draw
Ethan interviewing visitors
Bryn interviewing
Abs, Bryn and Jennifer
Ethan interviewing
Henry interviewing
Isobel interviewing

‘Next time we meet, we’ll have an end of year review and have an aim for next year as well as having a Christmas party together to celebrate our accomplishments this far at the Museum’

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