Youth Advisory Group Meeting, Saturday 03 November 2012

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Youth Advisory Group Meeting, Saturday 03 November 2012

Youth Advisor Keisha shares what we got up to at our last meeting…

‘The Youth Advisory Group will be taking over the Museum as a short project, so today we generated questions and ideas we can contribute to this day. The best thing was exploring the ideas of how a museum is presented and what it is known for; the reasons for a museum and how we automatically trust what they include and tell us. I was interested in how museums contribute to history and learning more about them. Today was my first time attending and it was good as it has intrigued me to come again’

Youth Advisors sharing ideas

We worked with artist, Yara El-Sherbini and looked at the following questions…


How do you feel when you come into the Museum? Do you know how to not feel out of place in museums/ How to feel you belong in museums?
How has the YAG shaped you?

Youth Advisors with Yara in the Compass Lounge, the space we’re taking over!

How is the museum or the sea, or being here as a young person relevant to you?
How do I relate to my own history, identity and place in the world?
Why is Greenwich at the centre of this story?
If you could ask an audience at the NMM anything , what would it be?
Does anybody know the true cost of a cup of tea, from the canteen?
What do you know about Sammy Ofer?




Deciding what we’ll do with Yara

Next time we’ll work with Yara to finalise plans for Takeover Day!

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