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Youth Advisory Group Meeting, Sunday 14 October 2012

Youth Advisors, Henry and Clemmie, share what we got up to in our last meeting:

We fit a lot into this session. We played some fairly successful icebreaker games, did some admin, discussed the qualities we look for in a volunteer and had a tour of the Queen’s House.

Icebreaker games, led by Isobel

The tour was really enjoyable. The tour guide described the history of the House. It was especially interesting to learn that it was once a place where boys learnt to be sailors and there was a ship outside where they’d stay for weeks at a time.

Royal Hospital School training ship ‘Fame’ (1933)

Youth Advisors Visit to Museum of London Docklands, 22 September 2012

The Youth Advisors were invited to the opening of a new exhibition at Museum of London Docklands, Many East Ends. We met with the Museum’s youth panel, Junction, and had a tour of the Museum with their Youth Programme Co-ordinator, Lowell Black.  Scroll down for lots of pictures of our day!

Youth Advisors Davina, Fatim, Shezara, Alexa, Thu and Terri outside Museum of London Docklands

Trustees Party, 20 September 2012

The Youth Advisors were recently invited to a party onboard the Cutty Sark hosted by Royal Museums Greenwich’s trustees.


Some of the Youth Advisors outside Cutty Sark

Terri, one of the Youth Advisors, shares her experience:

On the 20th  September 2012,  were invited to a private party on the Cutty Sark to interact with other  volunteers and trustees from the Museum. We all had a great time meeting people.

The Youth Advisors meeting Ruth Boley, Formal Learning Officer at National Maritime Museum