Youth Advisory Group Meeting, Sunday 14 October 2012

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Youth Advisory Group Meeting, Sunday 14 October 2012

Youth Advisors, Henry and Clemmie, share what we got up to in our last meeting:

We fit a lot into this session. We played some fairly successful icebreaker games, did some admin, discussed the qualities we look for in a volunteer and had a tour of the Queen’s House.

Icebreaker games, led by Isobel

The tour was really enjoyable. The tour guide described the history of the House. It was especially interesting to learn that it was once a place where boys learnt to be sailors and there was a ship outside where they’d stay for weeks at a time.

Royal Hospital School training ship ‘Fame’ (1933)
It was interesting to look around the beautiful buildings and at the art. It was also interesting sharing the characteristics we look for in a volunteer as it was clear we had lots of ideas, not all of which were realistic!
Group work, thinking about volunteers
 Group work, thinking about volunteers
We agreed that we liked the YAG blog and felt it represented the Group well. We also filled in a skills audit and agreed that it would be good to learn ICT skills, money management and teamwork. Next time we are meeting the artist we’re working with for Takeover Day
Abs and Bryn heading to the Queen’s House
 At the Queen’s House, waiting for our tour to begin
Beautiful day in Greenwich!
Julian, our tour guide
Learning about the Hospital School
In the Great Hall

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