Meet the Youth Advisors: Terri

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Meet the Youth Advisors: Terri

Name: Terri Kenton
Age: 19

Terri’s portrait as shipbuilder, Wadia, for Traders Remixed

 How long have you been a Youth Advisor for? 

Just over a year. I joined at the end of 2011 and start of 2012 

Your highlight as a Youth Advisor (best thing you’ve done, best opportunity etc)?
Being able to take part in exciting exhibitions with in the museum, such as the exhibition in  the compass lounge, Traders Remixed
Describe the Youth Advisory Group in 3 words: 
Exciting, amazing and friendly
Favourite thing about National Maritime Museum: 
Being able to be part of the museum itself
Why should other people join the Youth Advisory Group?
Other young people should join he youth advisory group, because it gives them a chance to work closely with the Museum and meet new people the same age 
What do you want to do in the future and is being a Youth Advisor helping you get there? 
I want to become a professional web designer, and the youth advisory group has helped me build up my confidence

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