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Meet the Youth Advisors: Isobel

Name: Isobel Hobby Norris


Age:  16


How long have you been a Youth Advisor for?
A complete year


Your highlight as a Youth Advisor?
I had the opportunity to get involved with the museum and make friends 

Describe the Youth Advisory Group in 3 words:
Crazy, knowledgeable, fun
Isobel recreating a moment from the life of Sake Dean Mahomed, an Indian entrepreneur who opened the first Indian curry house in England. This image was featured in Traders Remixed an exhibition created by the Youth Advisory Group
Favourite thing about National Maritime Museum: 
The cool exhibitions


Why should other people join the Youth Advisory Group?
A great way to learn about the local area and a fun way to meet friends as well


What do you want to do in the future and is being a Youth Advisor helping you get there?
Being able to say on my CV that I have a qualification from doing this and being able to prove that I know about where I live.


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