YAG Meeting, 24 August 2012

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YAG Meeting, 24 August 2012

In this meeting, we explored a team agreement of house rules for the Youth Advisory Group. We looked at ways to include everyone’s ideas to make this a safe, co-operative, respectful place for learning and sharing. We came up with lots of good suggestions, including bringing enthusiasm and a positive attitude, have the right to opt out, and allow others to fully explain their ideas before starting a new conversation.

Youth Advisors sharing ideas

We also talked about making  YAG handbook for new members to join, containing a history of the YAG and the Museum, what we do, previous projects, contact details, maps (perhaps with highlights of the collection from the Youth Advisors), trivia about the Museum and fun stuff! We will explore this more and hopefully get to work with the Museum’s Design team to make it happen.
We talked about the questions we will explore over the next year in order to understand and share the themes of the National Maritime Museum…

Why is the sea so important to Britain?
How has it shaped British history, identity and place in the world?
Why is Greenwich at the centre of this story?
How is it relevant today?
What does it mean to me?

The Youth Advisors started adding their ideas to these questions and sharing what ideas we have about the sea.

Playing games in the Museum

Our next meeting will be in September – Shauna is seeing about a trip to Museum of Docklands to meet with another youth group there…


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